• A Complete Program of Over 50 Essential Lessons

    Over 5 hours

    on 4-DVD Discs

    Jane Killion, author of When Pigs Fly, has assembled a team of experts to give fascinating insight, deep wisdom, and practical instruction for breeders, puppy owners or anyone else who touches puppies. Over 50 lessons are organized on a logical, week-by-week time-line to give breeders and puppy owners a clear road map for raising a puppy. The film follows one litter of puppies through the program and checks back on them over the next three years so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable results of the Puppy Culture program!

    • Puppy rearing from birth to 12 weeks and older.

    • Learn from top veterinary behaviorists, breeders,  and dog trainers.

    • Scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies.

    Meet Your Instructors


    Your teachers are the seven adorable Bull Terrier puppies in Daphne’s “Greatest Generation” litter. You’ll be following them from birth through 12 weeks so you can see the amazing results of our program unfold before your eyes!

    A Complete Program, From Breeder To Puppy Owner


    Puppy Culture breeders

    ​lay the foundation for emotional stability and learning.


     Puppy Culture owners follow through with training and socialization.

    Here's just a sampling of the fun and easy lessons included in Puppy Culture!

    For Breeders:


    • Early Neurological Stimulation
    • Weaning Set Up and Suggestions
    • Developmental and Fear Periods
    • Harnessing the Enrichment Effect
    • Puzzles, Games, and Problem Solving
    • Safe Early Socialization
    • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Litter
    • Emotional Resiliency Exercises
    • Anti-Aggression Protocols
    • Bomb-Proofing Puppies
    • Placement Options
    • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers

    For Puppy Owners:


    • The Critical Socialization Period
    • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Puppy
    • How To Find a Good Puppy Class
    • Vaccination vs. Socialization
    • Handling Fear Periods
    • Leash Walking, Recall, Crate and Potty Training
    • Training Markers
    • Manding
    • Preventing Common Behavior Problems:
              • Resource Guarding
              • Separation Anxiety
              • Biting and Jumping

    The Proof Is In The Puppies


    We check back over the next three years with the puppies so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable, results of our Puppy Culture program.

    Backed Up With Science


    We’ve brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well.


    Learn More About Our Experts HERE


    Dr. Carmen Battaglia

    Author of Breeding Better Dogs


    Dr. Noemie Bernier, DVM, DACVIM

    Neurologist, Garden State Veterinary Specialists


    Dr. Terri Bright, BCBA-D

    Director, Behavior Department at MSPCA/Angell


    Jean Donaldson

    Author of Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding In Dogs



    Dr. Meghan Herron, DVM, DACVB

    Director, Behavioral Medicine Clinic, Ohio State University Veterinary

    Medical Center


    Jane Messineo Killion

    Madcap Bull Terriers and author of When Pigs Fly: Training Success With

    Impossible Dogs


    June and Irv Krukenkamp, MD

    TNG Dalmatians and Bull Terriers


    Dr. Kenneth Leal, DVM

    Blairstown Animal Hospital


    Diane Zdrodwski

    Evanlake Cavaliers and Therapy Dogs

  • Preparation and Prenatal Care


    Early Neurological Stimulation


      Weaning Set Up and Suggestions


      Developmental Periods


    Understanding Behavioral  markers


    Age-appropriate games and          eeexercises


      Handling Fear Periods



      Enrichment Effect


     √ Creating and Enriching environment


     √  Puzzles and Problem Solving


     √ Active vs Passive Challenges



    Early Socialization


     √ Safety Measures


     √  How To Hold A  Puppy Party


     √  Vaccination vs Socialization



    Communication Trinity


    Training Marker


    Offering Good Behaviors





    Problem Prevention


      Emotional Resiliency Exercises


      Anti Aggression Protocols


    Sound-Proofing Puppies


    Preparing Your Puppy Buyers


    Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in

    puppy rearing and early socialization.


    We’ve done the research for you and distilled down a hundred

    years of combined experience into easy to follow protocols.

    You’ll receive week-by-week and step-by-step instructions,

    proven by science and experience to ensure the best outcomes

    for your puppies.


    You have more power than you think.


    Breeders have more opportunity to make a dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. Puppy Culture shows you what you need to do, when, in order to take advantage of your power as a breeder.


    Preparing your puppy buyers is as important as

    breeding good puppies.


    Nothing’s more frustrating than sending a perfect puppy to new home

    only to get a phone call months later that the puppy is acting out or

    having problems. We give you check lists and key points to share with

    your puppy buyers which will prepare them to follow through with the

    Puppy Culture program after you send their puppy home with them.


    Something you can share with your puppy people.


    We answer a lot of the questions puppy buyers commonly have and help them set reasonable expectations for their new puppies. From basic training to finding the right puppy class, your puppy owners are in good hands with Puppy Culture!


    We put your passion on film.


    Whether its your first litter or your fiftieth, when you look in that whelping box, you see a history of all the dogs you’ve loved, and your hope for the generations to come. You’re not putting puppies on the ground, your putting new relationships into the world. Puppy Culture tells your story in an emotional narrative that will allow anyone who sees it to understand who we are and why we breed dogs.

  • Puppy Culture is a guiding hand for you and your puppy


    Our team of experts have bred, raised, and trained thousands of dogs,and we’ve know from first hand experience what works best. We make that vast experience available to you, broken down into clear instructions, in short chapters that are easy and fun to watch.


    How you teach your puppy is as important as what you teach your puppy


    Studies have shown that many common training techniques can actually increase aggression and problem behaviors, which can damage the human-animal bond. The Puppy Culture program will show you how to train your dog while enriching your bond with him, every step of the way.



    Real life proof that it works


    Most puppy training videos appear to have been shot in one weekend, using a few easy to train puppies.  How do you know those training techniques really work in the long run? Unlike other films, Puppy Culture tracks one litter over three years, so you can see the true results of our program.  You’ll see the puppies overcome real and varied behavior challenges and ultimately grow to gentle, well-behaved adult dogs.



    The truth about socialization


     During this sensitive time, the puppy is as vulnerable to imprinting negative experiences as he is to imprinting good experiences.  This means you need a good plan for socializing your puppy.  Your Puppy Culture team gives you a plan and guides you through the process.



    Learn how to be your puppy’s advocate


    it can be difficult to stand up to a person in a position of authority, such as a veterinarian or a dog trainer, but you need to learn what’s right and wrong for your puppy, and stand up against bad advice.  Puppy Culture’s veterinarians, behaviorists, and breeders give you the facts to know when you’re right, and the conviction to walk way from anything that might harm your puppy.

    Socializing Your Puppy


      How To Hold A Puppy Party


    How To Recognize Appropriate



    How To Find a Good Puppy Class


    Vaccination vs Socialization


    Handling Fear Periods


    ►  Must-Do Puppy Training


     √  Leash Walking


     √  Recall


     √  Crate Training


     √  Potty Training


     ►  Communication Trinity


     √  Training Markers/Clickers


     √ Box Game


     √  Manding


      Problem Prevention:


     √ Aggression


     √  Resource Guarding


     √  Separation Anxiety


     √  Biting and Jumping





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